morbid reality

by Aureole of Ash

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released March 20, 2018

recorded. mixed. mastered @ sunsetterstudio by fabi <3 .
will be released on tape and 10" vinyl by these lovely folks :
nevin I ifbrecords, cory I halooffliesrecords, schojo I colossustapes, fabi I sunsetter records, manu I shove, reactwithprotest




Aureole of Ash Münster, Germany

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Track Name: we pollute you
- we pollute you -
narcissistic pricks
its easy to deny – if you dont
suffer the consequences
mocking the most vulnerable
out of your fortresses
for those about to fade -
we pollute you
Track Name: fuel my disgust
- fuel my disgust -
i dont want to handle reality
it is poisonous to me
how can i just sit on this side of the fence
without feeling depressed
thinking of those who suffer and die
simply to escape their misery
it is eating me alive
and yet i hold it dear – embracing the grief
to fuel my disgust
some day i will laugh – as you burn
Track Name: no pets no master
-no pets - no masters -
crippled souls
broken will
bred to serve and entertain
as food – as toys
dull and dependent
but „ah so cute“
i do not hate you
i hate to see what you have become
Track Name: dead inside
- dead inside -
random smiles – lack of passion
blank faces – like dolls
well played but without life
artificial life promotion
resistance becomes self defense
Track Name: control
- control -
flawed educational systems
stigmatisation of the weak
manipulation – endless lies
power hungry fucks
control is all you seek
and yet you succeed
get the prey to cheer the predator
Track Name: invasive manifestation
- invasive manifestation -
my skin – my throat
my eyes – my mouth
forceful penetration
confined in a toxic environment
mistaken for a safe space
invasive manifestation
of your personal freedom
making me sick
your progression ends
with my suppression
Track Name: ugly aesthetic
- ugly aesthetic -
destination perfection
scary as fuck
get in line with the faceless
become a product
beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder -
no more
all hail the imperfect
praise the ugly aesthetic
Track Name: mindless*
music and lyrics by infest
Track Name: praising extinction
- praising extinction -
the flames already faded - sparks are all that is left
all these moments - soaked in hate -
yearning for destruction - gasping for ash
grim fantasies - pathetic images - black and white
ignorig my inner self - tempted to give in
are we better off - praising extinction?
Track Name: braindrill
- braindrill -
screen fueld mindfuck
abused and stripped
exploited emotions
comforting misery
creating mental wastelands
Track Name: liars in line
- liars in line -
they stare at me
liars in line
it s getting hard to swallow
as anger turns into despair
all i see – fools
empty promises – empty eyes
obsessed with power
already corrupted by the
system they serve
Track Name: morbid reality
- morbid reality -
there is no way you are „pro life“
your god does not care about life
and neither do you - bigoted piece of shit
the abscence of empathy and love
must leave a bitter taste in your mouth
your church is build on corpses
your faith is grown on suffering and torture
bigoted piece of shit

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